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Monday, January 11, 1999

Anne Courtenay,b.1573-d.bef. 1642

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>ancestor=Anne Courtenay,b.1573-d.bef. 1642

>comments=Anne Courtenay,(above) was born in Ladock,Cornwall,England.

>Her father was Peter Courtenay,b.1536-d.28 May,1606. Her Mother was Katherine Reskymer,b.1546-d.?, Her father was Wm.Reskim(no further knowledge of this >family). Anne Courtenay married Gilbert Holcombe,b.1565,Hole,Devonshire, Eng.,d.1633/1634,Pembroke,Wales. Their Son, Thomas Holcomb(e),b.1595/97,Pembrokeshire,Wales.Mar.14 May,1634, Dorchester,Suffolk,MA.d7Sept.1657,Winsor,Hartford, CT.

This Thomas was my immigrant ancestor, and 13 generations from him, my Father, John Wm. Holcomb,b.1895,d.1976.I do have the ancestors of Anne Courtenay, back to Hugh De Courtenay, b.14 Sept.1273,d.23 Dec.1340.

Any more info much appreciated, of the Courtenay line. Especially would like history of the family, their connections to the royal families of England, etc. I know the Holcomb(e) family also was a honorable one, going back to John Holcomb(e) who fought in the 3rd. Crusade, and won land where Holcombe Court,Devon, now stands.I feel great pride to be connected, to these two great families.

>Thank you,

>Doris V. Matheny