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Sunday, November 20, 2011

William Thomas Courtney

submitted on Monday, October 24, 2011 at 16:13:14

fname: james

lname: courtney


city: plymouth
state: michigan
country: usa
zip: 48170

ancestor: William Thomas Courtney comments: my grandfather born 1885 to 1888 died in 1959.I believe he was born Huntsville Ontario Canada

Catherine Coutenay bn 1493 Of Saint Ethy, Winnow

submitted on Wednesday, October 19, 2011 at 19:40:25

fname: debbie

lname: mcdonald

city: bullard

state: tx

country: US

zip: 75757


ancestor: Catherine  Courtenay and family

comments: I'm researching  Catherine Coutenay  bn 1493 Of 
Saint Ethy, Winnow, Cornwall, England daughter of Lawerence Courtenay Saint Ethy, Winnow, Cornwall, England wife of Thomas Kempe Laverthan, Blisland, Cornwall, England. With the research I am now interested in learning of the History of The Courtenays of Powderham and further back.  Where could I find reliable sites or even book that can be purchased. 

Thank you debbie

Sir. Philip Courtenay (d. 1489) married Elizabeth Hingeston

submitted on Monday, October 17, 2011 at 16:55:35

fname: Tom

lname: Cory

city: Watford

state: Herts

country: United Kingdom

zip: WD19 4ED


ancestor: Sir. Philip Courtenay (d. 1489) married Elizabeth Hingeston

comments: Hi all, 
I believe I am connected to this branch via Sir. Philip Courtenay. Here is the line I have researched... I am sure of the branch from myself to about 1571, then the period from Joan Courtenay to Sir. Philip (and hence to King Edward) etc. It's just a few generations in the 16th century which I am not 100% on, due to records not being readily available. 
King Edward I 
Princess Elizabeth Plantaganet 
Margaret de Bohun 
Sir. Philip Courtenay, (c1330-1406) m. Anne Wake 
Sir. John Courtenay, 2nd son. Married Joan Champernowne 
Sir. Philip Courtenay, 1404-1463, m. Elizabeth Hungerford 
Philip Courtenay, d. 1489, m. Elizabeth Hingeston 
John Courtenay, b. c1467, m. Joan Brite 
Philip Courtenay, b. c1495, m. Alice Matthews, Dodbrooke, Devon 
Joan Courtenay of Molland, married John Darte alias. Walleys on 25th January 1545, Molland, Devon. 
Grace Darte alias. Wallis, d. 1575, m1. William Popham, m2. Paul Worth in 1563, Molland. 
John Worth, merchant of Barnstaple, b. 1571, m. Phillipa Prouse 
Thomas Worth, merchant, will proved 1656. m. Sibella Boyer. 
Philippa Worth, b. 1632, Penryn, Cornwall, m. Humphrey King, 1658. 
William King, b c1660, Marazion, Cornwall. Yeoman farmer, d. 1718 in St. Hilary Cornwall, married. Ann. 7 Children. 
Humphrey King, buried 1734 m. Honour Curtis 
James King, b. 1724, St. Hilary, Cornwall m. Alice Allen 
Honour King, 1756-1798, m. James Hampton (1758-1833) from St. Erth, Cornwall. M. 1782, St. Hilary. 
James Hampton 1784-1872 m. Grace Whitford 
Elizabeth Hampton 1809-1880 m. Benjamin Pellow 
John Pellow 1833-1912, m. Ellen Hayes 
Benjamin James Pellow (1873-1942) m. Katie Tonkin 
James Colin Pellow (1902-1970) 
Marlene Bennett Pellow 
Timothy Ian Cory 
Thomas James Cory *self* 
I would love to know if this is definitely correct, or if there are any other closer branches which I am unaware of. 
Tom Cory. 
London, UK.  

Emanuel Sanders Courtney

submitted on Friday, September 30, 2011 at 12:55:44

fname: H Y 

lname: Peake

address1: 404"U"Street

city: Pensacola 

state: Fla

country: U S A 

zip: 32505


ancestor: Emanuel Sanders Courtney

comments: I am Looking for information on the Courtneys of 
Alabama. My Great Grandfather was Emanuel S Courtney, I am told the there was A Rufus Courtney,

contact me at thanks

Neal Courtney

submitted on Friday, September 23, 2011 at 19:21:25

fname: Tami 

lname: Bennett

city: London

state: Ohio

country: USA

zip: 43140


ancestor: Neal Courtney

comments: Please help!! I am researching my dad's family (Courtney).
I cannot find who Neal Courtney's dad was. Records say he was an englishman who come to America during the Revolutionary War in Long Island Harbor. Some folks say his dad was Thomas, but how can I be sure. Neal had a son named Alanson of which whose line I belong. Thanks in advance for your help! Sincere thanks, Tami

Ann Courtenay married Richard Deynsell

submitted on Wednesday, September 21, 2011 at 05:14:27

fname: janine

lname: murray

city: abbotsford

state: british columbia

country: canada

zip: v2s 7l2


ancestor: Ann Courtenay married Richard Deynsell 
- her mother elizabeth hungerford

comments: Hello, iam interested to find my family connection to ann courtenay. My ancestor is william weare ,lord of is some information that I have.fortescue of filleigh,weare,giffard,deynsell,impaling courtenay on there coat-of -arms.william weare, decendents arejohn weare of pinksmoor - robert weare of sampford arundell - inherited weare-giffard lands his son thomas were - wellington ( originally their name was giffards of brightley + halsworthy.trying to find their connection to.ann courtenay-of powderham castle. ( My ancestor is earl fortescue of filleigh ( castle hill ) devon, through martin fortescue who married elizabeth deynsell.

sincerely,janine murray

William Courtney Born Jan 5 1815 married Mulvenia Hutto

submitted on Thursday, July 07, 2011 at 02:38:22

fname: carmen
lname: faulkner
city: rock hill
state: sc
country: York
zip: 29732

ancestor: William Courtney Born Jan 5 1815 married Mulvenia

comments: I am from Aiken, SC. Aiken County, but orginally Orangeburg District. My father was James E. Courtney, born July 16, 1925 His father Jurdin Courtney all from New Holland,sc near Wagener, sc

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Joseph Courtney of Ireland

Submitted on Saturday, July 23, 2011 at 19:01:39
fname: Verma
lname: Hoeltke
city: Orlando
state: Fl.
zip: 32812

ancestor: Joseph Courtney

comments: I'm looking for information on Joseph Courtney of Ireland. 
Probably Dungannon Ireland. I believe he owned a linen factory there. He had a daughter, Alicia Courtney that married a Capt. Hutton Rowe Spencer of England. They eloped and came to Newark New Jersey in America, then moved to Ohio. Alicia was born in 1782 in Ireland. I don't have the dates of her father Joseph or her mother's name. If anyone can help me with information on him, I would be thankful. Thank you so much. Verma Hoeltke

William Courtenay MP (1830s)

submitted on Monday, August 29, 2011 at 11:39:00
fname: Crispin
lname: Whiting
address1: Forge Farmhouse, Staplestreet, 
Hernhill, Faversham, Kent
country: United Kingdom
zip: ME13 9UD

ancestor: William Courtenay MP (1830s)

comments: This enquiry realates to the imposter Sir William Courtenay and the genuine William, who may or may not have been an MP in 1834. I live in the village where the 1838 Courtenay Rebellion took place and have a keen interest in local history. Among my Courtenay memorabilia is British Free Frank envelope front signed by William Courtenay, sent from London on July 25th 1834 and addressed to a Mr Howard of Killin, near Edinburgh. Free Franking was granted to Members of Parliament for letters sent on Parliamentary business. But I have failed to find a William Courtenay serving as an MP in 1834. There is a slight posibility that the signature is that of the imposter John Thom. He stood as MP for Canterbury in 1832 but was defeated. It seems unlikely that he would have been able to use a free frank two years later. Does anyone know of a William Courtenay who might have entitled to use Parliamentary privilege in 1834? Many thanks.

de Courtenay

lname=de Courtenay
address2=city= Las Plamas
state= Lanzarote
country= Spain
comments=Hello, I came upon the website by chance today, what a suprise to see that there are so many de Courtenays about!!! I have never really thought of finding my ancestors, maybe someone can help me on that one?? I am also having trouble downloading the forms to join the "Courtenay Society" can anyone help me on that as well???

take care all,
Andrew de Courtenay

William Courtenay born in London in 1832, came to USA circa 1857

Submitted on Friday, September 16, 2011 at 16:00:25

fname: Marie
lname: Birdsall
state: Massachusetts
country: USA
zip: 02131


ancestor: William Courtenay

comments: I'm looking for information on a William Courtenay born in London in 
September, 1832. According to the 1900 US Federal Census, William Courtenay was born in England in September, 1832, the son of an English father and a Scottish mother. However, the 1880 Federal Census lists him as being born in 1834. William Courtenay came to the United States probably sometime around 1857. 1890 veterans records show that he served as a 1st Sergeant in Company H, Regiment 13 infantry in the US Civil War between August 1, 1864 and July 1, 1867. By the 1870s he was out in the Dakotas serving as an Indian Agent at Fort Berthold. In 1880, he married Fannie Patterson of New York City in Bismarck, North Dakota. By about 1884, the Courtenays moved to Miles City, Montana where they remained until William Courtenay's death in 1901. He was a real estate and insurance agent, as well as a cattle rancher. Does anyone have any information on who William Courtenay's parents were? Thanks!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Francis Xavier Courtenay, Wilfred Courtenay, Matthew L Courtenay, John Gerald Courtenay

submitted on Saturday, May 07, 2011 at 20:50:32
fname: Lisa
lname: Courtenay
state: Massachusetts
country: United States

ancestor: Francis Xavier Courtenay, Wilfred Courtenay, Matthew L Courtenay, John Gerald Courtenay

comments: I have been trying to trace my son, Ryan Courtenay's heritage. He is I have trouble because in our immediate family there are no longer any Courtenay ancestors alive. Francis (married Irene Beaton) is the son of Wilfred and Ellen A Noonan, Wilfred is the son of Matthew Lawlar Courtenay (1857-1915) and he is the son of John Gerald (1831-1878). This is all I have. Any information and/or documents that will help me figure out any other history of his family would be greatly appreciated.


submitted on Monday, May 16, 2011 at 09:21:14
fname: RON
lname: LALLEY
country: ENGLAND zip: HP3 9UJ




Alicia Courtnay. She was from Ireland, married Hutton Rowe Spencer

submitted on Saturday, May 21, 2011 at 21:05:04
fname: verma
lname: hoeltke

ancestor: Alicia Courtnay

comments: I'm looking for Alicia Courtnay. She was from Ireland, married Hutton Rowe Spencer and came to Steubenville, Ohio between 1801 and 1805. Her father's name was Joseph Courtnay. Thanks, Verma

Frances Courtenay (1682 - 1757) immigrated to US from (London) England and went to Virginia

Sunday, May 22, 2011 at 05:27:50
country: USA


ancestor: Frances Courtenay (1682 - 1757)

comments: Frances Courtenay immigrated to US from (London) England and went to Virginia. If you have any info about timing of her immigration and her ancestral line I would appreciate.

Henry Courtney b c 1844 Killead Parish Antrim Ireland father John Courtney of Glenavy Co Antrim Ireland.

fname: Marie lname: Courtney Parker

city: Auckland country: New Zealand


ancestor: Henry Courtney b c 1844 Killead Parish Antrim Ireland father John Courtney of Glenavy Co Antrim Ireland.

comments: My mother was Mary Gertrude West Courtney b in Co Antrim Ireland. Her father was Thomas Courtney son of Henry Courtney and Anne Ellen Dawson, m 1866 Co Antrim. My research only goes back as far as John Courtney of Glenavy Co Antrim in 1800. I know Richard Courtenay b c 1600 of Powderham Castle Devon England m Mary MacDonald dau of Earl of Antrim c 1626,and sons John, William Francis, were born at Aughagallon Antrim Ireland. I have great uncles John, William ,Francis, Charles etc. The same Christian names are reoccurring over the generations. I would appreciate finding out the ancestry of John Courtney of Glenavy in 1800,Co Antrim Northern Ireland. The Courtneys were Church of Ireland (Anglican communion)Thank you,

Marie Courtney Parker

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Courtenay Coat of Arms?

submitted on Monday, February 21, 2011 at 00:13:34

ancestor: Early 1800s Powderham Branch?

comments: I am seeking to identify a coat of arms as follows:

Crest - coronet with ostrich plumes (no dolphin)

Motto - Ubi lapsus Quid feci

Shield - divided into two halves by vertical line (impaled)

Husband's side (LHS) Courtenay shield with gold ground, 3 red roundels with the addition of 5-pointed star (mullet)in red. This latter may be a 'mark of cadency' implying the shield is that of the 3rd son of the current family head.

Wife's side (RHS) Unknown shield with silver ground, blue chevron, above which is a horizontal row of 4 blue dagger-like crosses pointing downwards.

Can anyone help with names or possible dates please?

Elizabeth Hansford Courtenay born 1817 - parents from Devon, England

submitted on Tuesday, February 22, 2011 at 21:29:57
fname: John
lname: McBrien
country: UK

ancestor: Elizabeth Hansford Courtenay born 1817

comments: Elizabeth's parents were Joseph David Courtenay and Elizabeth Hansford, from Askerswell in Devon, England. Can anyone shed light on Joseph, Elizabeth (the mum) or their predecessors? Thank you.

HENRY COURTNEY married to MARY McILLINOIS in Ireland. Their daughter, ROSE ANN COURTNEY was born abt. 1810 - 1812 and married WILLIAM WYLLIE

submitted  on Thursday, February 24, 2011 at 09:32:16
fname: JOYCE
lname: TOLE-MOIR
country: EN GLAND
zip: GL20 7HJ

ancestor: HENRY COURTNEY ~ Ireland {not known exactly}

comments: I am trying to trace HENRY COURTNEY married to MARY McILLINOIS in Ireland. Their daughter, ROSE ANN COURTNEY was born abt. 1810 - 1812 and married WILLIAM WYLLIE.

I have searched and searched and have no idea where to go next. The Wyllie family did move across the sea to Scotland, but would love to know anything about the Courtney families in Ireland

Hope you can help or at least advise me.

Thank you so much


Edward James Courtenay - born Bushmills Northern Ireland, March 16, 1891

submitted on Saturday, February 26, 2011 at 05:58:42
fname: cody
lname: courtenay
address1: 710 - 12th Ave PO Box 778
city: Invermere
state: BC
country: Canada
zip: V0A 1K0

ancestor: Edward James Courtenay

comments: hello my name is Cody Courtenay I am the grand son of Edward James Courtenay who was born in Bushmills Northern Ireland.

His birth date is March 16th, 1891

His parents are James and Katherine Courtenay and Katherine's maiden name is Getti.

I never had the chance to meet him as he died when my dad (Lionel Courtenay) was only about ten. I have his marriage certificate to my grandmother here in Canada and his death certificate, However i am looking at helping my family regain our roots and look at our citizenship.

For me to get my citizenship or for my father to get his we need a copy of the long birth certificate.
do you know who i can talk to or who can help me, if you know of anybody can you forward this information to them and get them to contact me.

I have been back to Northern Ireland and loved it met some 3nd cousins and think one day i might find myself moving back.

this website link is the best match of my grandfathers siblings and parents

thanks for everything and i will be waiting for your reply

Sincerely Cody Courtenay


Philip Trant Courtenaye - born probably mid-19th c; Resided in Edinburgh, Scotland from perhaps 1876 to 1895

Submitted on Wednesday, March 02, 2011 at 00:28:22

fname: Mary
lname: Hughes
address1: 122 Woodhall Place
city: Salt Spring Island
state: BC
country: Canada
zip: V8K2W8

ancestor: Philip Trant Courtenaye

My great-grandfather, born probably mid-19th c; Resided in Edinburgh, Scotland from perhaps 1876 to 1895, and then moved to Ritheden, England. Also an Irish connection as his daughter Violet was born in 1875 in Baleena, Ireland.

Katherine Courtenay b. 1454 d. Jan 1515

submitted on Tuesday, March 15, 2011 at 16:38:49
fname: Susie
lname: Subia
address1: 3138 W. Port Royale Ln
city: Phoenix
state: AZ
country: USA
zip: 85053

ancestor: Katherine Courtenay b. 1454 d. Jan 1515
comments: I am looking into if I am a descendant of the Courtenay's. Information I have found online points to it. If anyone could be of assistance I would much appriciate it.

This is a little of what I have

Katherine Courtenay m. Thomas Rogers

Thomas John Rogers 1485-1530 m. Margaret Wyatt 1490-1540

John Rogers 1507-1555 m. Adriana Pratt 1511-1536/Agnes Carter 1519- 1554

Barnaby Rogers 1554-1627 m. Mary Wells 1554-1614

John Rogers 1600-1620 m. Grace Ravens 1591-1662

John Rogers 1620-1680 m. Ellen Halle 1624-1668

William Rogers 1655-1714 m. Elizabeth Dale 1654-1674

Eleanor Rogers 1682-1718 m. Thomas White 1670-1715

Isaac John White

Thank you

Susie Subia

Frances Courtenay born about 1833 in Ireland, married Jane Fee on or about 21 Jul 1859 in Perth.

submitted on Thursday, March 24, 2011 at 06:17:00
fname: Sunny
state: California

ancestor: Frances Courtenay
comments: Frances Courtenay born about 1833 in Ireland, married Jane Fee on or about 21 Jul 1859 in Perth.

His fathers name was Joh, and his mother was Isabella Wilkinson

I am looking for her ancestors, or even siblings.


William Courtenay (1762-1835), 9th Earl of Devon and 3rd Viscount of Powderham Castle

Submitted on Tuesday, August 17, 2010 at 14:25:58

fname: Alex
lname: Roland
address1: Dept. of History
address2: Duke University
city: Durham
state: NC
country: USA
zip: 27708


ancestor: William Courtenay (1762-1835), 9th Earl of Devon and 3rd Viscount of Powderham Castle

comments: I would appreciate any information on William Courtenay's residence in the United States (1811-1825). I am especially anxious to know if he had any contact with Robert Fulton, who may have resided at Powderham from 1791 to 1793.

William Reginald Courtenay (born 14 December 1884)

submitted on Wednesday, December 15, 2010 at 20:43:47

fname: Richard

ancestor: William Reginald Courtenay (born 14 December 1884)
comments: He was the son of John William Courtenay and Emilie Agnes Lake. The family descends from the Courtenays of Waterford.

William Reginald Courtenay arrived in New York in 1910, was with the Canadian Siberian Province Expeditionary Force in WW1 returning to Vancouver in 1919. In 1923 he worked for the General Electric Company, New York city. He married Edith M. the same year and the couple appear in the 1930 American census.

Did they have any children and when did they die?