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Thursday, July 29, 2004

Jean (John) Courtenay, 1784-1870 came to America from France

address1=5908 Louisville Drive

ancestor= Jean (John) Courtenay, 1784-1870

comments= My family was able to trace our family line back to Jean Courtenay who apparently came to America from France. Unfortunately, we do not know what part of France he was from or who his parents were.

Jean Courtenay's wife was Marie Turin (1812-1884), and his children were: Urinte Courtenay, Cloiselle Isodore Courtenay, John Talmage Courtenay, Azoline Courtenay, Joshlin John Courtenay (my great grandfather), and Zoe Courtenay.

I'd appreciate any help you could provide in finding Jean Courtenay's parents, and/or where he was from.


Rev. Richard Hudson Courtenay, born 1869

address1=Gempenweg 20

ancestor= Rev. Richard Hudson Courtenay, born 1869

comments= I am the Historian of the Anglican Chaplaincy of Basel, Switzerland. Rev Richard Hudson Courtenay was Chaplain here from 1928 to 1945. He died in Les Planches, Montreux, Switzerland, on July 19 1945. We know that he was born 1869, and in 1900 to 1923 was Chaplain of the St John's Anglican Church, Rangoon, Burma.

We know that he was married to a lady of maiden name Riley, but find no reference to her until the probate document of the Basel Switzerland city administration, which shows here as a next of kin in London in 1945. We have no further details since all church archives are lost or destroyed.

We would like to know who he was, where he was born, family circumstances, and any descendants. We wish to record him properly and with honour, as he served here for 17 years and was virtually forgotten.

Thank you!

Bryan Stone