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Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Need verification: Were the parents of Thomas Courtenay (b. Antrim, Ireland circa 1770) Joseph Courtenay and Mary Chalmers?

Difficult to pin down Courtenay antecedent
Dear Courtenay Society,
          I have started doing our family history and I have hit a wall with regard to my Irish Courtenay relative. I have a Capt  Thomas Courtenay born Antrim about 1770. He married Sarah Lefroy (1773-1836;sister of Thomas Langlois Lefroy). Their daughter Anne Lefroy Courtenay(b 1804) married George Holmes in 1827. Their daughter Mina (1854-1936) married David Gray in Brisbane Australia in 1874. We now live in Melbourne.
I am aware both the Courtenays and the Lefroys have very significant family histories attached to the.
Supposedly the parents of Thomas Courtenay were Joseph Courtenay and Mary Chalmers, but I have no real evidence of this.
Can anyone help solve this mystery for me? Thank you for this website. Liz G