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Friday, January 23, 2009

Egelina (AKA Evelina) de Courtenay, a supposed daughter of Hugh de Courtenay, 3d Baron of Okehampton (died by 5 Mar 1292)

An Egelina de Courtenay, a supposed daughter of Hugh de Courtenay, 3d Baron of Okehampton (died by 5 Mar 1292) and Alianora le Despenser, has been said to be the wife of Robert, Lord Scales (who died 20 Mar 1324/25). Positive evidence for this, however, appears so far lacking, and I hope that researchers here may be able to assist.

Egelina — in some sources called Evelina — is not to be confused with Aveline de Courtenay, a known daughter of Hugh and Alianora, who before 6 Nov 1311 married John, Lord Giffard of Brim(p)sfield, Gloucestershire, and who died as Giffard’s widow 27 Apr 1327.
According to Victoria County History (Herts, IV, 28) Robert, Lord Scales settles certain estates on his wife Egelina. Sources cited are Inq. a.q.d. file 116, no. 15, and Feudal Aids II, 439, but Egelina’s parentage or ‘surname’ not given. Complete Peerage (new ed.) XI, 501, queries the evidence for this marriage, citing without comment a note by Ethel Stokes claiming as authority "an account of the Courtenay family thought to have been compiled in the time of Edward III by a monk of Ford (Pole M., no. 3487, Exeter Transcript)".

I would be extremely grateful for any further information regarding Egelina/Evelina, the wife of Robert, Lord Scales — whether by closer reference to the Inq. a.q.d. or the Feudal Aids materials, or to the supposed record of the Courtenay family associated with Ford Abbey, or to any other source.

Failing this, I should particularly appreciate any word regarding the location of the Ethel Stokes comment, or indeed the nature and present whereabouts of the Courtenay/Pole manuscript or the Exeter transcription of it to which Stokes referred.

Many thanks.

Dr Cristopher Nash, University of Warwick