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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Seeking information on ancestors of Esmee Doreen Courtenay and Leonard Treloar Courtenay

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Subject: Leonard Treloar Courtenay
Date: Sat, 23 Nov 2013 14:32:27 -0800
From: Cassandra Achermann

My mother and grandfather have tried over 10 years ago, so I'm hoping a more current posting might spark a conversation.
To attempt this in words with maiden names and following the Courtenay connection:
-My name is Cassandra Courtenay Achermann, and my brother is Tristram Conant Achermann.

-Mother is Tanya Veryan Perry (Marcus Roy Carl Achermann.)

-Grandmother is Adrienne Carole Edwards (d. 2012) (Edmund Conant Perry (d. 2012)); (Other siblings: Veryan Courtenay Edwards and Nigel Treloar Edwards)

-Great-Grandmother is Esmee Doreen Courtenay (d. ?) (Derek Lawler Piercy Edwards (d. ?))
-Great-Great-Grandfather is Leonard Treloar Courtenay (d. ?), (Edith Marie Bennet (d. 1946-47))
From here I haven't a clue.
Any possible information would be greatly appreciated at:
Cassandra Courtenay Achermann

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Richard Courtney, married in Newfoundland in 1851, from Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford, Ireland.

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Subject: Courtney from Wexford
Date: Tue, 19 Nov 2013 08:05:54 -0700
From: JD
I am trying to find some information about my 3rd great grandfather. Unfortunatly I have very little to start with. His name was Richard Courtney, married in Newfoundland in 1851. The marriage register showed that he was from Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford, Ireland. No birth or death dates so I'm guessing born between 1810 and 1830. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you JD Fuller

Calgary, Alberta

Saturday, November 09, 2013

COURTENAY SCHOOL, Charleston, South Carolina (Photos and links)

Courtenay School, Charleston,

South Carolina  (original building erected 1888)

Courtenay School, (modern building 1955), Charleston, South Carolina
The original Courtenay School (upper Meeting Street, Ward 7) was erected in 1888 and dedicated on Feb. 4, 1889.  The school was named after Charleston Mayor William Ashmead Courtenay (Mayor of Charleston SC, 1879-1887).
The modern (1955) Courtenay Elementary School became the home of Charleston Progressive Academy in 2006. After spending millions in renovations, the campus was ordered to be vacated and gutted in 2010.

See link below for photo of (1955) modern Courtenay School, which can be used in accordance with the creative commons license:   (non profit use with full attribution - see details posted on website).  Photo of 1955 Courtenay School depicted below by Henry de Saussure Copeland, taken on October 26, 2006:

A history of the Courtenay Mill (Newry SC) is located here:

More info here on Mayor William Ashmead Courtenay:

download pdf - Preservation Society of Charleston
page 24 has a history of Courtenay School

File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick View
The Courtenay School project at 382 Meeting Street involves considerable new ... The project is one of four that were initiated by the Charleston County ...
1955 new building newspaper announcement:,895478

Ann Courtenay (and husband Gilbert Holcombe) - any living children as of 1630?

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Subject: inquiry on documents available at Powderham Castle
Date: Sat, 20 Jul 2013 15:29:19 -0400
From: Ray Holcomb

Dear Sir or Madam,

My wife and I plan a visit to Devon from the United States between September 2 and September 6. We will visit the Devon Heritage Center (Exeter), Powderham Castle, and perhaps the Devon Record Office (Barnstaple) for genealogy research. We have located several documents in the Heritage Center online catalog that appear relevant to our research, and would appreciate your advice to make our short visit efficient.

We are particularly interested in Thomas Holcomb(e) (1601-1657), the first immigrant to Massachusetts with that surname (1629). Several genealogies published in the 1930s claim that his mother was Ann Courtenay (1573-1642), a well-documented descendent of the noble Powderham family of that surname. However, two notable Devon surveys from ca. 1630  (Vivian and Westcote) are in direct conflict over whether Ann Courtenay (and husband Gilbert Holcombe) had any living children as of 1630.

While we plan to visit Powderham Castle as well as the Heritage Center, it appears that much of the Powderham Courtenay material has been transferred to the National Archives (under acquisition code D1508/M). The catalog of that deposit includes “a survey book, 1574-1640” which could hold very useful material. It is not clear to me whether it resides at Exeter or Barnstaple, and how I might arrange access to it and similar records.

We would also appreciate your advice on how we might divide our time most efficiently between Exeter, Powderham Castle, and Barnstaple to conduct our research on the progeny (if any) of Ann Courtenay. Thank you for any assistance you may be able to provide.


Raymond L. Holcomb


Seeking information regarding Mary Anne Vane - daughter of William Courtenay, 8th Earl of Devon

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Subject: Question about William Courtenay
Date: Sun, 08 Sep 2013 16:48:23 -0300
From: Susan Maddin

My name is Susan Maddin and I was recently given a copy of some family history
that was being pieced together by my father. It's in a bit of a mess and I am trying to figure some things out. Hoping you can help. I have been looking at my Paternal Grandmothers family and if I understand what has been given to me correctly it appears that my 7x Great grandfather would be William Courtenay 2 viscount 8th Earl of Devon. I am not sure what all that means however I believe my linage is from his illegitimate daughter Mary Anne Vane ( at least I was told she was illegitimate) My 6x great grandparents are Louis Chevalier and Mary Anne Vane-Courtenay. This side of the family seems to have very strong ties to Quebec, Canada. I'm not even sure I am counting the greats right to be honest and don't even know what I am even asking but does this make sense? The source for a lot of this info is not listed and again I apologize as I don't really understand what I am looking at or even for at this point. I am very new at this. Other names in this lineage are Antel (or Antell ) Chaulker ( or Chalker) Keats Kendall My grandmother was a Strickland ( her mother was a Chevalier) She married a Maddin. Hope you can help and if you need any further info please let me know.

Susan Sent from my iPhone

Lewis Courtenay. baptised at Molland in 6th January 1677/8 to Philip & Joan Courtenay - seeking more inforomation

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Subject: Lewis Courtenay at Molland
Date: Thu, 5 Sep 2013 21:20:05 +0100
From: Jan Kingshott

Dear Sir,
By way of an introduction, I descend from the Courtenay family, my nearest direct Courtenay ancestor being Phillippa Courtenay (daughter of Philip Courtenay & Elizabeth Hungerford) who was my 14th great grandmother! Distant, but still related.

I have been looking at the branch of the Courtenay’s at Molland and Meshaw in Devon and wondered if you could tell me how the following persons fit in.
Lewis Courtenay was baptised at Molland in 6th January 1677/8 to Philip & Joan Courtenay. I am struggling to link Philip & Joan into the wider Molland Courtenay tree. Are you able to help?
Kind Regards,
Jan B Kingshott
Exeter, Devon, England

re: SUNDIAL owned by 'Thomas Courtenay Esq BALLYNACLASHY Anno Domini 1817.( Ballynaclashy is a townland near Middleton Co. Cork, Ireland)

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Subject: Re: Thomas Courtenay
Date: Thu, 7 Nov 2013 12:47:25 -0000
From: Michael J. Harley

Hello all – from Ireland, Nov 2013
I am not a Courtenay but I have a special interest in sundials and am currently researching a slate sundial, dated 1817 with a rusty iron gnomon. The dial is engraved with a compass rose, urns and a Coat of Arms, and is inscribed 'Thomas Courtenay Esq  BALLYNACLASHY Anno Domini 1817. Ballynaclashy is a townland near Middleton Co. Cork, Ireland and I have found that Thomas, a sixth son, and his brother George were residing there in a house called ‘Glenhill’ (which still exists) in 1823.
As I am working from a poor photo (I have asked for closeups but so far none are forthcoming) I would like to see a copy of the Coat of Arms that he would have used.
Can anybody help with this or any other info regarding Thomas.
Michael J. Harley