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Monday, July 13, 2009

Family connection to Redvers line (related to Courtenay line)

Submitted on Monday, June 29, 2009 at 18:19:34
fname: damien
lname: watts
city: plymouth
state: devon
country: uk

ancestor: Redvers

comments: I believe I am related to Henry Buller directly on my Grandfathers side.

I am doing a family tree acestry search and needed your opinion.
I have a link under 'Watts Phillips' family tree.
Getting nowhere but 'missing links' in historical records.

Hope you can help as my Grandfather Ivor is being given dimentia drugs in Cornwall but would like to 'bind' a Redvers family tree with a Golden Leopard on it for a 'pressie' and sign of my love.


Catherine Courtney m. Thomas Frazer in USA circa 1890

Submitted on Saturday, June 20, 2009 at 23:53:06
fname: Joan
lname: Cavanagh
state: New York
country: USA
zip: 14616

comments: My late mother in law, Catherine Frazer Cavanagh's mother was Catherine Courtney. She married Thomas Frazer here about 1890. He arrived about 1885. I don't know if they were acquainted there or not. I think he came from Lurgan, and there were Tippings in his family. Would appreciate any info, please. Thanks much.

Courtney of Ilfracombe Devon England

Submitted on Sunday, June 28, 2009 at 03:01:17
fname: Jason
lname: Courtney

ancestor: Courtney of Ilfracombe Devon England

comments: John Courtney born 1681 Ilfracombe Devon was married to Elizabeth Verchild born 1691 also of Ilfracombe Devon.
The IGI says that he was born in 1681 and she in 1691.
But there is another enry that says that John Courtney and Elizabeth Verchild married in 1680?
Does anybody have any information about this family line?

John's son was also called John Courtney born 1713 married Mary Williams born 1717 both from Ilfracombe.
His son was William Courtney born 1739 married Thomasine Knill born 1743 also from Ilfracombe
His son was James Courtney born 1778 married Anne Cotton born 1778 he was from Ilfracombe she was from Trenance Cornwall
His son William Rice Courtney born 1815 married Jane Brimacombe born 1816/7 he was from Bristol she was from St Anthony Cornwall
His son Thomas Henry Cotton Courtney born 1855 Portsmouth married Isabella Anna Hayter born 1855
His son Thomas William Rice Courtney born 1878 Great Wishford Wiltshire married Roseina Donnelly born approx 1895 Limavaddy Ireland.
His son was Michael Donnelly born 1922
He is my father