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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Joseph Courtney of Ireland

Submitted on Saturday, July 23, 2011 at 19:01:39
fname: Verma
lname: Hoeltke
city: Orlando
state: Fl.
zip: 32812

ancestor: Joseph Courtney

comments: I'm looking for information on Joseph Courtney of Ireland. 
Probably Dungannon Ireland. I believe he owned a linen factory there. He had a daughter, Alicia Courtney that married a Capt. Hutton Rowe Spencer of England. They eloped and came to Newark New Jersey in America, then moved to Ohio. Alicia was born in 1782 in Ireland. I don't have the dates of her father Joseph or her mother's name. If anyone can help me with information on him, I would be thankful. Thank you so much. Verma Hoeltke

William Courtenay MP (1830s)

submitted on Monday, August 29, 2011 at 11:39:00
fname: Crispin
lname: Whiting
address1: Forge Farmhouse, Staplestreet, 
Hernhill, Faversham, Kent
country: United Kingdom
zip: ME13 9UD

ancestor: William Courtenay MP (1830s)

comments: This enquiry realates to the imposter Sir William Courtenay and the genuine William, who may or may not have been an MP in 1834. I live in the village where the 1838 Courtenay Rebellion took place and have a keen interest in local history. Among my Courtenay memorabilia is British Free Frank envelope front signed by William Courtenay, sent from London on July 25th 1834 and addressed to a Mr Howard of Killin, near Edinburgh. Free Franking was granted to Members of Parliament for letters sent on Parliamentary business. But I have failed to find a William Courtenay serving as an MP in 1834. There is a slight posibility that the signature is that of the imposter John Thom. He stood as MP for Canterbury in 1832 but was defeated. It seems unlikely that he would have been able to use a free frank two years later. Does anyone know of a William Courtenay who might have entitled to use Parliamentary privilege in 1834? Many thanks.

de Courtenay

lname=de Courtenay
address2=city= Las Plamas
state= Lanzarote
country= Spain
comments=Hello, I came upon the website by chance today, what a suprise to see that there are so many de Courtenays about!!! I have never really thought of finding my ancestors, maybe someone can help me on that one?? I am also having trouble downloading the forms to join the "Courtenay Society" can anyone help me on that as well???

take care all,
Andrew de Courtenay

William Courtenay born in London in 1832, came to USA circa 1857

Submitted on Friday, September 16, 2011 at 16:00:25

fname: Marie
lname: Birdsall
state: Massachusetts
country: USA
zip: 02131


ancestor: William Courtenay

comments: I'm looking for information on a William Courtenay born in London in 
September, 1832. According to the 1900 US Federal Census, William Courtenay was born in England in September, 1832, the son of an English father and a Scottish mother. However, the 1880 Federal Census lists him as being born in 1834. William Courtenay came to the United States probably sometime around 1857. 1890 veterans records show that he served as a 1st Sergeant in Company H, Regiment 13 infantry in the US Civil War between August 1, 1864 and July 1, 1867. By the 1870s he was out in the Dakotas serving as an Indian Agent at Fort Berthold. In 1880, he married Fannie Patterson of New York City in Bismarck, North Dakota. By about 1884, the Courtenays moved to Miles City, Montana where they remained until William Courtenay's death in 1901. He was a real estate and insurance agent, as well as a cattle rancher. Does anyone have any information on who William Courtenay's parents were? Thanks!