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Saturday, September 17, 2011

William Courtenay born in London in 1832, came to USA circa 1857

Submitted on Friday, September 16, 2011 at 16:00:25

fname: Marie
lname: Birdsall
state: Massachusetts
country: USA
zip: 02131


ancestor: William Courtenay

comments: I'm looking for information on a William Courtenay born in London in 
September, 1832. According to the 1900 US Federal Census, William Courtenay was born in England in September, 1832, the son of an English father and a Scottish mother. However, the 1880 Federal Census lists him as being born in 1834. William Courtenay came to the United States probably sometime around 1857. 1890 veterans records show that he served as a 1st Sergeant in Company H, Regiment 13 infantry in the US Civil War between August 1, 1864 and July 1, 1867. By the 1870s he was out in the Dakotas serving as an Indian Agent at Fort Berthold. In 1880, he married Fannie Patterson of New York City in Bismarck, North Dakota. By about 1884, the Courtenays moved to Miles City, Montana where they remained until William Courtenay's death in 1901. He was a real estate and insurance agent, as well as a cattle rancher. Does anyone have any information on who William Courtenay's parents were? Thanks!

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  1. My name is Laurie Wimmer, and Fannie Patterson was my great grandmother. One of her daughters, my namesake Laura Courtenay Wimmer, was my father's mom. I have been to the museum and the Carnegie Library in Miles City, MT to research the family. They descend from the Earl of Devon; the 19th Earl owns the family castle, Powderham, in Exeter. They were featured in the Dec. 2017 issue of People Magazine, BTW. Would love to chat more.