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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Joseph Courtney of Ireland

Submitted on Saturday, July 23, 2011 at 19:01:39
fname: Verma
lname: Hoeltke
city: Orlando
state: Fl.
zip: 32812

ancestor: Joseph Courtney

comments: I'm looking for information on Joseph Courtney of Ireland. 
Probably Dungannon Ireland. I believe he owned a linen factory there. He had a daughter, Alicia Courtney that married a Capt. Hutton Rowe Spencer of England. They eloped and came to Newark New Jersey in America, then moved to Ohio. Alicia was born in 1782 in Ireland. I don't have the dates of her father Joseph or her mother's name. If anyone can help me with information on him, I would be thankful. Thank you so much. Verma Hoeltke


  1. I have information on Joseph Courtenay of Grange and Mary Chalmers, married about 1777. Among their children is a daughter Ally. I wonder if this could be your Alicia. My sources are not well documented, but Thomas, another child of Joseph and Mary, married Sarah Lefroy on 9 May 1799. Van we compare notes?

  2. Hi Anonymous,I am an Australian descendant of Sarah Lefroy and Thomas Courtenay. I was having trouble finding any info on Joseph or Mary Chalmers. I read the will of Andrew Newton who married Jane Courtenay and he mentioned a James and William Courtenay. I presumed they were other siblings with Jane and Ally. I`d love to find out more. Any info I can help with happy to share!Regards Liz Melbourne

  3. I am also looking at Thomas Courtenay and Sarah Lefroy. I am a descendant of daughter Anne Courtenay. She married George C Holmes. Their daughter Mina married David Gray, my great grandfather. We live in Australia.
    I might have a little more to add

    1. Dear Anonymous of 30th July. We are related-Mina and David Gray we my great grandparents too. George Thomas Gray was my grandfather, David Lefroy Gray must be your grandfather. As I said we are in Melbourne. Where are you?

    2. I wrote my comment late at night and neglected Thomas Courtenay in the Will of Andrew Newton with his brother William -deceased before the marriage of Jane and Andrew-the two surviving brothers were Thomas and James.
      I am also a descendant of Mina and David Gray- my grandfather was George Thomas Gray. My guess would be you are a descendant of David Lefroy Gray and Sybil Irving?
      Small world is n`t it?
      I think my father George was in contact with your side a number of years ago Regards Liz Melbourne