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Saturday, November 09, 2013

re: SUNDIAL owned by 'Thomas Courtenay Esq BALLYNACLASHY Anno Domini 1817.( Ballynaclashy is a townland near Middleton Co. Cork, Ireland)

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Subject: Re: Thomas Courtenay
Date: Thu, 7 Nov 2013 12:47:25 -0000
From: Michael J. Harley

Hello all – from Ireland, Nov 2013
I am not a Courtenay but I have a special interest in sundials and am currently researching a slate sundial, dated 1817 with a rusty iron gnomon. The dial is engraved with a compass rose, urns and a Coat of Arms, and is inscribed 'Thomas Courtenay Esq  BALLYNACLASHY Anno Domini 1817. Ballynaclashy is a townland near Middleton Co. Cork, Ireland and I have found that Thomas, a sixth son, and his brother George were residing there in a house called ‘Glenhill’ (which still exists) in 1823.
As I am working from a poor photo (I have asked for closeups but so far none are forthcoming) I would like to see a copy of the Coat of Arms that he would have used.
Can anybody help with this or any other info regarding Thomas.
Michael J. Harley

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