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Thursday, May 11, 2006

William A Courtenay

address1=213 Conner Drive Apt 20
city=Chapel Hill
ancestor=William A Courtenay
comments=I'm trying to track down a great great grandfather. He's an Irish Courtenay who was born approximately 1836. He either came into America via Philadelphia (I think 1860) or New York. He Married a Sarah Van Gorden sometime prior to 1868. Can anyone provide me a email to the Courtenay genealogy specialist. I know my grandmother talked to them several times and even visited, and I was hoping we talk.

Dave Kershaw

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  1. hello my name is Lanetra Tucker my grandfather was Gabe coston and willliam courtenay's name was mentioned in my family tree. I dont know who he was or did he own my family if you have any info for me please email me at