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Saturday, October 27, 2007

John Courtenay of Boconnoc (John of Bottreaux, Botreaux)
ancestor=John Courtenay of Boconnoc
comments=I am working on a possible theory that John Courtenay of Boconnoc (John of Bottreaux, Botreaux) may have been John Wilton from Lanreath
All dates are circa due to lack of records but:
John Wilton born 1450, married 1479 Died 1504, married to Joan,
John Courtenay, born 1452, married 1481, died 1509 married to Johane
Lanreath and Boconnoc are only a few miles apart and the Bottreaux family had links to Lanreath. The Courtenays married into the Wilton family. John Wilton, b 1607 married Mary Burell, Margaret Trethurffe's Gr Grandaughter. Elinor (Eleanor) Wilton married William Paynter, whose Mother was Alice Courtenay. William Wilton, John's Gr Grandson married a D'Auney. The early Wilton's paid taxes. The slightly rare names Lawrence & Nicholas occur in both families. John Courtenay's siblings were born in Boconnoc (Florence, Isabelle, Elizabeth & Matilda. I am interested in anything that can be added or discounted by anyone, however small.

16 May 2016 - update:
Also, I have William Courtenay born 1695 married to Grace Bice. 
Have you got any information regarding their ancestors, possible back to Edward Courtenay and Elizabeth Gorge? I have suggestions but not proof?


  1. I am a Wilton decendent, and after y-dna testing, found some interesting genetic matches (denoting a recent/medieval common paternal ancestor)
    Family name, Pollard, who's lineage is unknown, but likely a decendent of Pollard of St. Hillary, this family begins with Walter Poilard of Way, Devonshire. 27 Henry 3rd (1243)
    Some Pollards are married into the Courtenay family in the medieval pedigrees.
    Robert Courtenay of Molland married Dorothy Pollard, dau. of Sir Hugh Pollard of Nymet.
    Hugh Courtenay of Powderham married a unknown Pollard.
    Launcelot Pollard married Elizabeth Courtenay.

    Another interesting match was the Welsh family name, Thomas.

    If your theory is correct, Pollard and Courtenay share a common paternal ancestor. It would be interesting to see some Courtenay decendents take the y-dna testing.

  2. This may interest you.........

    John Pye O'The Mynde : Born 1444. Died 1550, at 106 years. He was married three times and had forty-three children. He is buried in the old church at Much Dewchurch. An ancient tombstone, now illegible, used to carry this epitaph: "Here lies the body of John Pye of Mynde, A traveller in far countries, his life he ended. He left behind him Walter, his son, heir of Mynde, and forty-two children. He was 106 years truly." He first married Ann, the daughter of Sir Richard de La Bere, by whom be had first John Pye of Lanreath (Lansreath), (sometimes erroneously written Nansarth), in Cornwall near St. Austell. He was born about 1463 at Mynde Hall, and died in 1519. He lived part of his life at Bodinneck in St. Stephen's in Brannel, Cornwall. He went to Cornwall to inherit his mother's family land from the de La Beres in Devon and in Cornwall, an estate larger than that owned by the Pyes in Herefordshire. John Pye of Lanreath (Lansreath) (Lanrethou) married Elizabeth, daughter of Hugh Courtenay of Boconnoc. The Pyes inherited Bodinneck from the Courtenays. Elizabeth's brother, Edward was Earl of Devon. Her mother was Margaret, daughter of Thomas Carminow and his wife Joanna Trevarthian, daughter of Otho Trevarthian

    From the above, taken from the History of Pye, I can tell you the John Pye who married Elizabeth Courtenay is better known as John Trethurffe. The de la Beres were also known as the 'Waleseys', amongst other names, and they owned Bottreaux Castle.

  3. I've attempted to find if this John from Trethurffe is really a Pye without any proof as of yet. Many families took their name from their place of dwelling or location.

    Charles G. Pye, known by his sister and family as Ed Pye collected a wealth of info back in the 70's without aid of a computer. Many of his records are spot on or point you in the right direction.