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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Land transaction between my 5th great grandfather, John Upton and Sir William Courtenay (1st Baron 1628-1705).

Dear Sirs or Ms. Harper,

I have written in the past, but, may not have been clear.

I'm still curious about the land transaction between my 5th great grandfather, John Upton and Sir William  Courtenay, (1st Baron 1628-1705).

John leased approximately 10% of the Courtenay land holdings in S. Ireland in 1694. The lease was a portion of the 12,000 acres granted to Sir William's ancestors by Queen Elizabeth I.

I have been told that your archives show no information for, "Ulster Plantation Records" Well, the land lease deal between John and William was no "plantation". Certainly your archives should have the personal records and holdings of Sir William. For such a large land deal and an equal one of similar size with Col. Thomas Holmes, older brother of Sir Robert Holmes, there must have been letters between John Upton and William Courtenay or Upton, Courtenay and Holmes.

Is there no way you can search for the records or letters of Baron William Courtenay?

I'm trying to find out which branch of the Upton families in England that John came from. Correspondence between my great grandfather, John Upton and Sir (Baron) William Courtenay may shed some light on the situation.

The land holdings in question surrounded Newcastle West in Limerick County, Ireland, (1694) and included several towns; Ardrine, Movida, Killreedy, Dromin, Grange, Upper and Lower Ballyhennies, Farren Mullen, (Miller),  and Rathna Connery. These were entire towns!!! Would there be no tax or rent  records for Sir William???

Please let me know if there is some way you can search the records, (if any), of Sir William Courtenay. My family history book says John first held estates in Killabrahir in Cork County. Perhaps he sold off or traded those lands with Sir William and the Holmes family?

There has to be some record of John Upton in the papers of Sir William....anything?

Please let me know if you even have papers for Sir William, I presume he was  note worthy in the long line of Courtenays.

At the very least, the Courtenays and Uptons are of relation, through the Wrey family, again, please check the sister of Sir William married to a Wrey and George Upton married to Phillipa Wrey.

Thank You.


Mark Tyksinski Upton

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