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Friday, November 10, 2017

Urgently seeking information on William Courtney b. Ireland 1756, settled in Morristown New Jersey USA, died in Unadilla N.Y. on June 2, 1817, married Mary Chamberlain circa 1786

William Courtney was born in Ireland in 1756.  He came to
this country and settled in Morristown, N.J.

He serves his country for five years in the War of the
Revolution under the command of Anthony Wayne, known as “Mad”
Anthony. He was a private in the Pennsylvania Regulars and was in
several battles among which was the taking of Stony Point
where Gen. Wayne distinguished himself as a brave leader.

Mr. Courtney married Mary Chamberlain about 1786.  They
had ten children all of whom lived to years of maturity.
He was a butcher by trade and also doctored horses and cattle.

After the war he moved to Unadilla, N. Y. and lived there
several years afterward moving to the town of Marathon, N.Y.
This was about the year 1813 or 1814.   In or near the year of
1815, he was on a visit to some of his children in Unadilla
N.Y. and came to his death by drowning in the Unadilla river on
June 2, 1817, and was buried in Sidney, N.Y.
Mary died in Sept. 1840. She is buried in Texas Valley, N.Y.
with her grandson William.


John           May 19, 1787       m. April 1866                Roxanna Blium
Betsy         Jan. 18, 1789        m. 1823                          Daniel Fuller
Robert       May 9, 1791         m. Nov. 29, 1842            Catherine A. Fuller
William     Aug 28, 1793        ?       
Polly         June 24, 1796        m. Nov. 15, 1874           Speckerman
Bryon       July 3, 1799           m. Sept. 19, 1850           Lavisey Benton
Benjamin    Sept. 23, 1802     died 1868
Siles           Nov. 10, 1805      m. Sept. 14, 1856           Eunice Lewis
Martha       June 13, 1808       m. Oct. 15, 1888            Walter Isacs
Fanny        Nov. 7, 1813         m. March 1850               Wilkenson

Note regarding Robert Courtney above: Robert was born on May 9, 1791 in Unadilla, N.Y.  He married Catherine Abraham Fuller.  Robert died on Nov. 29, 1842,  place ?  Robert was buried in Pioneer Cemetery in Sidney N.Y.  

Robert’s wife was Catherine A. Fuller. Catherine was born in 1795 and she died on Feb. 25, 1867.  Catherine was the daughter of Abraham Fuller who built the first grist mill near Wattles Ferry Unadilla in 1776.  Abraham Fuller was thought to be a Tory.

Depicted below: Depot in South Unadilla NY 1870 - photo from Cornell University Library (PUBLIC DOMAIN PHOTO)

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  1. The website lists a William Courtney baptised in 1756 in Ematris Parish, County Monaghan Church of Ireland to a Jonathan Courtney (no mother or marriage found.) William *may* have had a sister, Elizabeth, baptised in 1764 in St. John's, County Limerick Church of Ireland. The website has some family trees stating a Jonathan Courtney born around 1728 was from Baltimore, Maryland. Don't know if they are related or not?